The Muttley Crew

Kaley, a fit and healthy ‘my body is a temple’ dog trainer at Clever Dogs Training School, has completed the 3 peaks previously and is aiming to beat her time. Michelle is an unfit, unhealthy, lives off a diet of caffeine and nicotine small animal hydrotherapist at Hydro Paws Ltd, has never attempted the 3 peaks previously and is aiming to not expire on the mountain and be left as a marker to other walkers similar to Green Boots on Everest! Kaley will be using the traditional walking sustenance of banana’s, malt bread and flap jacks to power and fuel her through the challenge. Michelle has opted for the non traditional walking sustenance of Haribo Starmix, Haribo Supermix, tangfastics and Lansoprazole to fuel and power her through the challenge. The best part is we have decided to complete the challenge on our own and not as part of an organised team. We will rely solely on our extremely poor map reading and navigational skills which may lead to several detours and possibly the wrong hills!!!

Fundraising for Canine Allsorts

As two canine professionals they will be completing the challenge to raise funds for Canine Allsorts. Canine Allsorts is a small independently run animal rescue, staffed solely by volunteers and reliant solely on fundraising and donations. All monies raised will be donated directly to the charity to help pay for veterinary bills, food bills and enabling them to rescue more animals in need.

Charity website

Challenge registration number: 255098


About the ​Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

The Yorkshire Peaks Challenge involves climbing Pen-y-ghent, Ingleborough and Whernside, often within 12 hours.


  • Michelle Wilson
  • Kaley Howland