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Fundraising for Queen Elizabeth Hospital Charity, Anna Starosolska - Fundacja Różyczka, & Kidney Research UK

1. <a href="">University Hospitals Birmingham Charity</a>, work across sites to support patients, families and staff at their hospitals by providing 'added extras' that are over and above that which is provided by the NHS. UHB Charity is an umbrella charity, made up of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity, Heartlands Hospital Charity, Good Hope Hospital Charity and Solihull Hospital Charity. Registered charity number 1165716.<div>2. <a href="">Anne Starosolska</a> has Cockayne Syndrome, an extremely rare genetic disease that causes neuronal damage in the human brain. The cerebellum decreases. The processes aimed at the proper functioning of the brain are at the neonatal level. Anne sees very badly, uses hearing aids, speaks single words, does not walk, is fed with a tube directly into her stomach. Developmentally, she is a two-year-old child with big problems. Anne can get up and fall over. She has no defensive reflexes and does not understand the threat. She has an emotional umbilical cord attached to her dad during the day, and to her mom for sleepless nights. Registered charity number KRS: 0000399191.</div><div><span style="font-weight: bold;">Please donate - <a href=""></a></span><br><div>3. <a href="">Kidney Research UK</a> - leading kidney research charity in the UK. Charity purpose. - Prevent kidney disease by finding ways to see it coming and stop it happening; - Protect people from reaching kidney failure by learning how to spot disease early, halting disease progression, and repairing kidney damage; - Treat: Transform treatments by making dialysis more tolerable and making transplants last longer until better alternatives are available. Registered charity number 252892.</div></div>

Challenge registration number: 262819


About the ‚ÄčNational Three Peaks Challenge

The National Three Peaks Challenge takes in the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales, often in 24 hours.


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