Three Peaks Challenge Registrations

The Peaky Blunders

The Peaky Blunders are a team of 25 work colleagues, friends and family from CJS Safety Systems, and we have committed to climb the three highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales in just 24 hours! We are doing this to show love, respect and appreciation to Simon Fletcher the owner of the company who is also our friend. He has been battling Bowel Cancer for over a year and unfortunately, he hasn’t been handed the best prognosis, so we thought we would show him and his family our love by doing something absolutely bonkers and go climb three mountains and raise some money for their nominated charity, Bowel Cancer UK. Simon has asked us to spread the word and encourage everyone to make sure they go to see their GP if they have any of these symptoms: - bleeding from your bottom - blood in your poo - a change in your pooing habits. You might be going more or less often, or have diarrhoea or constipation that might come and go - losing weight but you’re not sure why - feeling very tired all the time but you’re not sure why - a pain or lump in your tummy Bowel cancer is the 4th most common and the 2nd biggest cancer killer in the UK. We know all too well times are tough but if you can sponsor us, no matter how big or small, we would massively appreciate it! Your donation will help fund research into causes of the disease, the best treatment, and help achieve a future in which nobody dies of the disease.

Fundraising page

Fundraising for Bowel Cancer UK

Charity website

Challenge registration number: 269623

Due to start on 21st June 2024.


About the ‚ÄčNational Three Peaks Challenge

The National Three Peaks Challenge takes in the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales, often in 24 hours.


  • Steve Baker
  • Nathan Boughtflower
  • Tina Coe
  • Andy Dobbins
  • Eddie Edkins
  • Matty Edwards
  • Mark Evans
  • Josh Golle
  • Neil Love
  • James Moore
  • Jack Newey
  • Ed Nicholls
  • Ian Smith
  • Harry Stephenson
  • Liam Taylor-Smith
  • Tash Tedds
  • Rich Trussell
  • Rich Wain
  • Lauren Baker
  • Millie Baker
  • Ben Waine