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Our Son, Louis, was born at 28 weeks + 2 days on the 03.05.2023 weighing 1.16 pounds. We were told from an early stage that I had an abnormal umbilical artery flow with absent end-diastolic velocity (AREDV) that would eventually end in a reversed blood flow which it did. Louis had severe growth restriction due to my placenta insufficiency, the cause of which is unknown and untreatable which sadly leaves our future uncertain as there is a high risk of this reoccurring. It was always planned to deliver him by 32 weeks but they never thought Louis would make it as far as he did. I had at least weekly scans which they planned to increase to daily. Louis had to weigh 1 pound to have any chance but every scan we went to, he was under so I kept telling him that he had to wait another week. He was a warrior but sadly after 11 days on the 14.05.2023 his fight was over and we had to make the decision that no parent should ever have to. Without the 4Louis charity, we may of had to say goodbye in the room he was in with 3 other babies. Instead, we had a bereavement room (ironically named Louis's Suite) where we could spend as long as we needed, including overnight. We were given a memory box with a candle, teddy, book, clay photo frame for clay prints of his hands and feet etc. Without this, we wouldn't have the keepsakes we now have. We have used the memory box to keep all cards and other special photos/things to remember him by in. With the resources of this charity things have seemed easier with memories/keepsakes that we will have forever. I went back to work in September, 4 months after Louis had died. I was probably around 2 weeks in when one morning I decided I needed a goal that was going to get me through this but what? I've ran half marathons, done the Yorkshire 3 Peaks, been rejected from the London marathon. I rang my mum and said "you know when I said years ago it was an absolute no to the National 3 Peaks well I might have changed my mind".... of course it was a yes. I got home and managed to persuade Ben and it went from there. So here we are taking on the National 3 Peaks in 24 hours in memory of Louis and to mark the milestone of his first birthday. Our journey will commence to Scotland on Louis's first birthday, Friday 03.05.2024. We will begin hiking Ben Nevis early hours on the 04.05.2024 (now changed to 11.05.2024 due to unforeseen circumstances!!) which is when the clock will start ticking, then to Scafell Pike and to finish at Snowdon. The aim is to complete it within 24 hours including driving. This includes around 10/11 hours of driving 462 miles and 13/14 hours off hiking approx 23 miles, 3064m of ascent across the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales. We will be hiking more than likely in snow on Ben Nevis and whatever other conditions we are faced with, on minimal sleep, energy and some in full darkness. Our team will be Me and Ben, my Mum, Stepdad, Jay Ashcroft, Luke Brearley & Emma and Ste Palmer. We will also be joined by some of our other friends/family at Snowdon on 12.05.2024 which is where we will finish. We hope that by raising this money it helps 4Louis not only raise awareness of the devasting number of miscarriages, still births, neonatal deaths etc each year but also allows them to continue to support bereaved families and provide them with the keepsakes/memories those parents should have when going through such a traumatic time.

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About the ‚ÄčNational Three Peaks Challenge

The National Three Peaks Challenge takes in the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales, often in 24 hours.


  • Laura Mcadam, Ben Mcadam, Julie Roberts, Steven Roberts, Emma Palmer, Stephen Palmer, Luke Brearley, Jay Ashcroft