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My company reflekt cleaning and some friends that have known each other since school days have decided to do the challange to help one of the members' sisters to raise £50.000 to have a life changing operation in America.

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Paige was lying breech and turned the week before being born after a long labour and Paige becoming distressed, she was born after an emergency section on the 29th June 1998. She was a healthy 8lb 3oz baby and was very alert. We started to have concerns as soon as Paige came home as she never slept. She started to try and walk at 12months but tripped over her feet continuously which made her continue to crawl. With Paige’s determination she eventually started to walk at the age of 18 months but found it difficult to move around objects causing her to fall a lot. We then started to seek medical advice only to be sent away on numerous times with the same comment that Paige was clumsy. As parents we would not accept what we were being told and eventually managed to see a peodritian who arranged a number of tests to be carried out on Paige. It was not until Paige was 4 years old we eventually got her diagnosed with C.P We can only describe the journey of finally getting Paige diagnosed with C.P as a rollercoaster of emotions and at last we knew what was her condition was. After investigating more into C.P we soon found that there was no cure. Physiotherapy was soon part of Paige’s life and had to be carried out every day to ease the symptoms. Since this day Paige has always just got on with it whatever life has thrown at her. Paige attends a special school and most of the time enjoys going. As Paige continued to get older we were told that she would not be able to ride a two wheeled bike due to her balance problems caused by C.P, but each day she stared at the other children in the street on their bikes and said “One day I will have my own two wheeled bike and will be able to ride it on my own just like them”. How to you tell your little girl that based on what you have been told that this would not be possible. Every day after school Paige watched the other children on their bikes so we eventually gave in and went and bought her a new two wheeled bike just so that she had her own. Through her determination and encouragement from dad, plus a lot of cut knees and tears it was a very emotional day when I came home from work to see Paige riding towards me shouting “I can ride it mum just like the other kids”. Paige has always been in acceptance of her disability, but has she is getting older and approaching her teenage years she has become more concise of her legs and is losing some of her sparkle. Please HELP us to get Paige to her GOAL. We would like to thank you for taking the time in reading Paige’s story Debbie & Paul.

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