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We are 7 men raising money for my niece Olive. You may not have heard of Rett, we hadn’t, but the more we discovered about it the more awful the reality became. When looking up Rett Syndrome, we read ‘imagine the symptoms of autism, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's, epilepsy, and anxiety disorders.......all in one little girl.’ A tiny mutation to a single gene has condemned Olive to a life of profound disability and total dependence. It is without a doubt one of the cruellest diseases out there and crueller still, things will only get worse from here, with breathing difficulties, feeding problems, acute anxiety, epilepsy, severe spinal curvature all likely prospects.

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Fundraising for Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK

The reversal of Rett symptoms in a mouse model of the disorder. Scientists are predicting that Rett Syndrome could become the first curable neurological disorder. They know the faulty gene and Scientists firmly believe they know how to restore the gene to health. There is no brain damage, and so a reversal would give Olive a potentially normal life. There is one problem - the funds to support the research are entirely reliant on private donations.

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